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Danville Family Dentistry is a Howard best dentist that performs dental cleanings as well as periodontal cleanings. We serve the Danville, Mount Vernon, Utica and Knox Counties. Our doctors, Dr. Lerg, Dr. Meyer and Dr. Gilbert are committed to serving patients with the utmost in care and dentistry.

Annual cleanings are important because they allow our dentist to clean in places where regular brushing alone cannot get to. Children should also come in for a yearly exam and cleaning. Without proper cleaning, teeth can suffer from plaque buildup and eventually cavities and gum disease may set in. Our Howard best dentist can perform a comprehensive exam to check your child’s teeth before their cleaning or orthodontic exam. In addition to braces and sealants, we also recommend fluoride treatments to help keep tooth decay at bay. Adults should also come in for cleanings. Some adults may need a periodontal cleaning, which is to help ward off gum disease. Periodontal cleanings are generally deeper cleanings.

For children, we recommend having sealants placed on the child’s teeth at a young age so that it can act as a type of barrier to protect the teeth. Good dental hygiene includes brushing, flossing and annual checkups by both children and adults. Our Howard best dentist also does early orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontic treatment is meant to help teeth before braces. Once children are of age to receive braces, we offer them a variety of either traditional metal braces or clear plastic aligners. Braces are necessary for children who suffer from malocclusions, or a bad bite, or crooked teeth that need alignment. For more information on braces, cleanings and periodontal care, patients should call our offices to make their first appointment or to ask questions regarding their dental care or our services.

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