Howard Dental Implants

Howard Dental Implants

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When you have missing teeth, you have three options for replacing them: a fixed bridge, a removable denture, or dental implants. With no disrespect for the first two, it is only with an implant that you can attain a result that is so natural and like a real tooth that you may forget you even have one at all. Here at Danville Family Dentistry, it is our pleasure to restore your full smile in a way that gives you maximum benefits.

Not everyone will qualify for our Howard dental implants, but most people either will or can get there with a little help. We’re referring to bone grafting, a procedure that augments a thin or weak jaw structure. The reason that your jaw is so important to the success of our Howard dental implants is that they are made up not only of a tooth above the gum line, but a root beneath it. Just like your real teeth, an implant is securely anchored, but the other benefits of a root is that your normal facial contours are preserved, and the gum and bone tissue that surround the tooth will not atrophy. Those are are all positives, but perhaps the most exciting advantage is that you will have a new tooth that mimics all of the best qualities of your natural teeth, without requiring any messy adhesive or affecting your surrounding teeth. It takes a few months for your jaw to completely fuse with the titanium post that is your new root. A tooth-colored crown, specially made to fit you perfectly, is then cemented to the top of the post.

Our Howard dental implants are the ideal long term solution to the empty space you have now where a tooth used to be. Why not contact our office to book an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination?

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