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Dental Plaque in Howard

It may be difficult to believe that anything you can’t see can be so hazardous, but that’s certainly the case with dental plaque. This sticky film is invisible, but it can have an enormous negative impact on your teeth and gums. That’s why we at Danville Family Dentistry focus on the prevention of it, and treating the effects of it in a timely manner.

As with anything that causes you harm, it is always best to seek out the source. Dental plaque only exists in an environment where sugar and starch are present. The bad news is that it’s remarkably difficult to eliminate them entirely from your diet. The good news is that to whatever extent you can limit your consumption of them, you are going to see positive results to that same degree. It’s easy to identify sugar in cookies, candy, cake, and soda, but not as easy in condiments like ketchup or in bottled salad dressings, for just two examples. Our Howard dentist office advises you that bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and other starches present the same threat as sugar. The second action you should take is to brush your teeth frequently. How often? Do so when you wake up, before you go to sleep, and after meals whenever you can. Floss at bedtime, as well. Some plaque may escape even your best efforts, though, and that plaque will harden into tartar. Our Howard dentist office will address it as part of your twice-yearly visit for an oral examination. Teeth cleanings eradicate tartar buildup, and reverse the signs of early stage gum disease in the process.

Make our Howard dentist office the centerpiece of your strategy to keep dental plaque from causing you tooth decay and gum disease. Reach out to us right now and arrange an appointment.

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